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Well, let this serve as a warning to you because you may have just fallen victim to the dreaded, “My Space Angles.” The My Space Angles phenomenon isn’t one that is new but is a growing concern for men, young and old, across the globe.Photography-savvy young ladies are utilizing crafty camera angles and even photo software to weave a type of black magic onto their likenesses that would rival even the most forgiving Glamour Shots photographers of the old days.The way that her hair falls over her shoulder as she gives you that sultry-but-oh-so-innocent look in the photo that she sent you which drives you wild.You can hardly believe that you have found a creature that is so beautiful, yet so deep and really into your interests as well.You listen to the same bands and have similar interests, irks, aspirations, and idiosyncrasies.In short, it really seems like you are falling for this girl. “Wow” is all you can say every time that you look at them.

Be careful, a lot of ignorant people and some scammers on Collar Space. Fetlife is more like facebook for kinksters, with a lot of bells and whistles.

These resources will help you gain a deep understanding of self-improvement, women, dating, and leading a happy relationship.

They are arranged in a logical order – from building a solid foundation to being an outstanding boyfriend and lover.

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