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While Barcelona was never the largest Jewish center in Spain, it figured prominently in Spanish Jewish history.

In 1263, Barcelona was the site of a famous disputation presided over by King James I of Aragon.

Bart’s so he could have a minyan for Shabbat while reveling in the legendary topless paradise, the North Carolina native amassed his fortune by buying distressed companies and reselling them for big profits.

Among the companies that have passed through his hands are cosmetics giant Revlon, Marvel Entertainment and New World Communications, a TV corporation that was sold to Rupert Murdoch for billion. He is also a backer of the “Or Movement,” whose mission is to promote development in Galilee and the Negev.

He was an interviewee for Michael Moore’s docu-film “Bowling for Columbine” because he grew up in Littleton, where the mass shooting occurred that gave the impetus for Moore’s film.

BARCELONA – Known for its cosmopolitan restaurants, modernist architecture and pleasant Mediterranean climate, Barcelona – the second largest city in Spain (after Madrid), and capital of the province of Catalonia – also has a rich Jewish history that deserves to be explored by all interested tourists.

The son of a “dogmatic atheist” cantor and a schoolteacher, Queens native Carl Icahn studied philosophy at Princeton before dropping out of medical school and going on to a career in Wall Street where he earned a reputation as a ruthless corporate raider.JCC Manhattan's film program showcases films that promote change and reflect on pertinent themes.Featuring previews and special engagements, CINEMATTERS emphasizes films on social justice, social action, and matters crucial to our New York community and society at large. His parents were together during the 1960s — at a time when interracial couples were rare and the civil rights movement was at its peak. He also entertained the troops during World War I and Korea. [Less] actress Roxie Roker of the hit show “The Jeffersons,” was of Bahamian and African-American descent, and his father, Sy Kravitz, was a Jewish NBC television news producer and later became a jazz promoter.

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