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Now Shania Twain, 45, has recounted the moment she confronted 'the other woman' and said she suffered a panic attack when she came face to face with Marie-Ann Thiebaud.

It's that spunk and effervescence that has made her a fan favorite, and why fans are selling out stops along the in part to see her.

Emma: I won't have a specific partner throughout.

At one point, I dance with Sash, and then I dance with Keo. There's a little living area in the front, and then a line of bunk beds in the back.

During a bit of downtime, I caught up with the native Brit (who actually says hosting is her second passion behind dancing!

) to chat about living the rock star life for the next six weeks, dating a fellow Emma Slater: He's coming to Nashville on January 6! In fact, Bill Engvall just had knee replacement surgery today, so he sent me a video from the hospital and joked that he felt like he was 87 years old but was going to do a Paso Doble to the door!

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